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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my registration fee cover?

As a parent, What kit do I need to supply?

Should my child wear a mouthguard?

What is the ruling on studs?

What about body armour and head guards?

I wear glasses, can I play?

What team will my son/daughter play in?

Can my daughter play rugby?

Do you restrict numbers in teams?

When can we train?

What changing facilities are there?

I need some guidence on concussion injuries


Your registration fee covers:

Exeter Youth Rugby Club sets its player fees at the start of each season. These are advertised on the Clubs’s main web site. The fees cover all match fees, provision of players shirt for matches, after match food and provision of qualified coaches and necessary equipment for training and first aid. There should be no further fees required from the player during the season.

What kit do we need to bring?

The Club will provide an Exeter Chiefs shirt for matches. Parents must provide shorts (black), socks (black) and boots (rugby or football boots with studs or blades). The Club Shop sells Chiefs replica shorts & socks for all age groups.

Should my child wear a mouthguard?

All players who are taking part in contact games or contact training should wear mouthguards. Note: Under 7 and Under 8 age groups play non-contact rugby.

What is the ruling on studs?

Blades and studs are currently both acceptable as footwear for rugby. The important point is that players must not wear anything that is sharp or abrasive. We recommend screw in aluminium studs that should be regularly checked and replaced when necessary.

Body Armour & Protective Head Guards

The IRB has regulations about the type of kit that can be worn. Only approved suppliers must be used for head guards, shoulder pads and protective clothing.

Can I wear glasses and play?

Players aged 13 and upwards cannot play rugby, or any variation of it, wearing glasses as this is a danger to the player and to others on the field.

In order to remove this potential barrier to participation, the RFU has given the following dispensation for children in the Continuum (U7 to U12) age grades only:

Players may wear specially designed and manufactured ‘goggles’ on the understanding that the child’s optician certifies that: “They allow the player to have properly corrected vision and do not substantially restrict any normal field of vision. They do not constitute a physical danger to the wearer or other players.”

Damaged goggles may present a greater risk of injury to the wearer or any other player and therefore this must also be taken into account.

It is hoped that by the time the children wearing such goggles reach the U13 playing age, they might be suitable for the wearing of contact lenses and so continue in their rugby.

Age Grades

Exeter Youth Rugby Club runs teams from Under 7 to Under 16 and a Colts team (Under 18). The age of a player at 1st September determines the team that the payer will train and play in. For example, someone who 8th birthday falls in July will be 8 years old on 1st September and therefore will play in our Under 9 team. Exeter does not allow players to play up or down and age group under any circumstances. Please note that the minimum age to train or play rugby is 6 years old.

Can my daughter play rugby?

Yes. Exeter Rugby Club does not yet run a girls team. However, girls and boys play rugby together up until the Under 13 age group when they must switch to a girls team. We welcome girls to into our Under 7 to Under 12 teams and once we have enough players to form a team at Under 13 level we intend to offer rugby to girls throughout the age ranges. In the meantime girls are able to continue their rugby in Exeter through Exeter Saracens RFC.

Capping of team numbers

We aim to give quality coaching and fair game time to all of our players. In order to achieve this and to maintain a good ratio of coaches to players we do sometimes have to restrict the number of players we accept in each age group. If we have reached our maximum for any team then we can only offer a place on a waiting list. Please contact the relevent team administrator for a current update on player numbers.

Use of the Rubber Crumb and Grass 2nd Team Pitch.

The rubber crumb pitch has been booked by the committee for training sessions on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6.00 p.m. until approx. 9.00 p.m. It has also been booked from 10.00 a.m on all Sundays (except the Xmas holiday weekends) throughout the season for training or matches.

The 2nd team grass pitch has been booked for all Sundays (except the Xmas holiday weekends) throughout the season for matches.

Any additional use must be approved and booked through the Director of Youth Rugby, Nick Evans.

The lights must only be used when normal daylight has reduced sufficiently. Please use common sense as there is a cost involved.

Sandy Park Changing Rooms

There are numerous changing rooms at Sandy Park. Each team administrator will be allocated a changing room on match days by the fixture sec. The team administrator will ensure that the changing room in use is supervised to ensure that player behaviour is appropriate, that no damage is being caused and that there is no unauthorised access by other adults. (Common sense should be applied to parents of very young players who may need assistance.)

Guidance on Concussion

Concussion is a temporary impairment of brain function usually caused by a blow that has shaken the brain within the skull. Failure to assess, evaluate and manage a player with a concussion can have serious adverse consequences, particularly if a player with concussion is allowed to continue playing, or returns too early to training or playing. Players must receive medical clearance before returning to play.